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Having attended hundreds of medical board meetings where our psychologists and psychiatrists review case histories of newly admitted drug rehab patients, this is usually the case. Given that drug addiction is now far past epidemic rates by any standard, street drug education should be taught in grade school.

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Given the stress that most people are living with these days, it is a wonder that drug addiction is not more out of control. All of that said, I have every confidence that Sean will take the high road because his total focus is self improvement. Sean really is a lot like Britney. Now he just needs to make out with a succubus Mr. Santoro would be perfect for that Toxic role , shave his head and commit Crazy vandalism with an umbrella, give a sloppy and cringeworthy performance at an awards show, come back serving Circus Queen and Femme Fatale flawlessness, fall off for a bit while gaining traction using a faux British accent and working an urban edge, then returning to Glory all with various highs, lows and reinventions along the way.

I think Sean can handle that. What a piece of trash! So he is basically saying that yes he went out to destroy a relationship just because he wanted to. No regrets on the damage he caused as long as it got him some publicity. Have some self respect as well as respect for the relationship.

Dont understand how you can go after someone who is taken already especially if you know the boyfriend of the guy. Then not to fill bad about it… He is just so trashy. I dont know the kid and to be honest he aint worth the second sniff, but I know for a fact that you always reap what you sow and so well be hearing about ole boy when someone drops bows on that carefree heart. And the same for Blake, before fucking someone else off set, at least end the relationship first.

I like him. He seems nice and has more common sense than I expect and see in most 19 yo porn actors. This whole race preference thing and G4P debate comes down to that. They are there to do a job not have the best orgasm of their lives…or even a good one. I have to apologise, and I mean it. My comment was based on a complete misinterpretation of what you were saying in the second half of your comment. Genuinely sorry. Also, does he really want Toxic to be his potential bareback porn theme?

I am sure lots of guys would love to bring that fat dick out of retirement. I like your hot avi…the shredded jock.

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That is the Britney you choose to portray, I am sure he was more talking along the lines of the vegas residency Britney, who has performed iconic VMA showstoppers with the Queen of Pop Madonna,. Sounds like a douchey bitch.

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Comparing himself to Britney and having no regrets on playing a part in breaking up a couple. Until you try to get a real career and your past catches up with you. Naw, Im sticking with flipping burgers. Yup — totally agree. Not all families are close minded, uptight, and not willing to let their son learn his own lessons. I think his point was that the relationship cratered for reasons far greater than his very minor, probably insignificant, role. What a way to minimize something as big as cheating so he have no regrets about being a homewrecker.

We can continue to disagree — but frankly the topic was barely interesting enough to warrant the initial comment. Please he was just making as comment that compared himself to Britney he did not say he was her and diss other porn stars, and that relationship would not have lasted anyway. Casey is a drama queen. He is hardly a douchey bitch. Gabrielle Clark. Christian Wilde. Harper, Kellen from CF. Sean is one of the hottest guys in gay porn, especially in the Twink arena.

He is smart because he understands how to market himself and how to work the camera. These critical attributes stood out from his first shoot. And, they continue to improve by the day. Then there are his photos on his Twitter account. He knows how to work the tease and drive the viewer into sexual overdrive.

He is beautiful and he posses a body of perfection that mere mortals can only dream about.

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  3. Sean Ford Exclusive: “I’m Kind Of Like The Britney Spears Of Gay Porn”.
  4. Now he reveals his inner most thoughts that he intends to be a versatile performer, willing working with guys from other genres of gay porn. Move over Johnny Rapid. Stay tuned to Sean Ford by following him on Twitter. Show your appreciation and send him something off is Amazon Wish List, the link is on his Twitter profile. Kind of a cavalier attitude to have about contributing to a breakup. He looks like a generic teenage skinhead. Pretty basic. It sounds like this guy is level headed he got into porn because he enjoys the attention and the sex.

    It is not a crime to do porn and it gives people pleasure.

    So more power too him! I sense a twinge of arrogance in regards to no regrets in taking part in ending a relationship not saying its solely his fault, but he did fuck someone he knew was in relationship for his own self gratification. Britney has been in her industry since she was a child back on the mickey mouse club. It actually makes him look like a bit of douche.


    He lost some points on that one as did Blake. I guarantee that the cheating we hear about is just the tip of the iceberg. Kaleb Marshall was actually shocked by this. I guess his bf felt differently about that. Sean Ford and Blake Mitchel were paid to fuck each other on the set of that movie. The idea that they could just turn those feeling off like a light switch is just silly.

    Prove Me Wrong. So That Explains It.

    Sean Ford Is A Very CockyBoy

    Jail Baited. Jock Talk: Aged Meat is Delicious. What do you think? Sword Says. You might also like.

    Social Snapshots: In the debut of my weekly look at social media sexiness from the performers we love, we take vacations to Mexico and the Big Apple; debate the true meaning of fast food; and get really, really jelly of Ms.