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I hope I can please him in the sack. Any tips? Thanks, Nick, for reading the post and commenting. Be confident that the way you look today is going to be just the ticket! It sounds very romantic and I hope it goes well! Best to you, Jim. I am 69 and over a year ago, I met a young Italian guy permanently living in America. He has a very good job as a butcher, a home of his own and a new truck.

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We French kissed a lot that night and he wanted me to go home with him. I told him I wanted to get to know him better before engaging in anything overtly sexual. He gave me his phone number and told me where he worked.

Ten Tips on How to Seduce the Older Gay Man — and Where to Find Him

I went to his work a few days later and he came out and gave me a full body hug. I saw him again a week or two later at the same bar. Any advice? I would say this: First, I am green with envy! He told you he was attracted to older guys. He made out with you, not once but twice. As far as the LTR goes, whoa boy put on the brakes. Take it one date at a time. Enjoy the process — and report back!

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  6. Ten Tips on How to Seduce the Older Gay Man — and Where to Find Him | Jimbolaya.
  7. I want to know how it goes. I am 64 and have lived with a young man who is now 28 for the past 10 years. I am surprised that he is not with someone his own age. He wants me to share his friends and his adventures. I provide the emotional strength that he lacks. My sexual experience and openness to his needs and desires keeps his excessive energy satisfied and at peace.

    And have helped him to accept his sexuality through a long struggle to accept himself. I am the one friend in his corner, his mentor, his adviser, his comfort zone. And maybe most important the stable adult neither his mother or father have been able to become. I have helped him to become the parent to his 7 younger brothers and sisters.

    The four in grade school live with us now. This was not a relationship that I was looking for when he was 18 and I was But rather it was a relationship that he wanted, he nurtured, he sought despite always having had only girlfriends. I focus first on being his friend.

    And have accepted that he must make his own choices, including the possibility of a future life partner. As first and foremost I am here to be his friend. My focus always is to be his good and loyal friend. How lucky this man is to have someone like you in his life! That you met when you were 54 and he 18 is not that different from Don Bachardy and Christopher Isherwood, who met when Chris was 48 and Don I respect your actions in that situation.

    I am also attracted to very much older men. Problem is once they know it they become pushy and arrogant. They expect me to sleep with them right off the bat. You restore my faith in older men. Hi I am 80 — nearly I am fit and healthy physically in all departments. I have always had younger partners. Or if it even matters? No resistance from me. We fit like hand in glove, and none of us has ever met someone that we want so badly in all ways or fit so well with. Website boyculture. Website travelsofadam. Twitter followers 37, Los Angeles About Blog Veteran Hollywood reporter Greg Hernandez covers the gay celebrity scene, bringing you the scoop from newsmakers, creative types and keeping you up to date on entertainment, LGBT and political news.

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    Twitter followers 1, Frequency about 8 posts per week. Website projectq. Twitter followers 7, Website ohlalamag. Twitter followers 4, Website gay. About Blog A blog dedicated to men's chests busting out of V-necks, dress shirts, tank tops, and more, mancleavage! Men of all sizes, shapes, and hairiness welcome!

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    United States About Blog Writer Dale Cameron Lowry is an author of gay romance, speculative fiction, gay Mormon fiction, and whatever else the muse dictates. This blog for readers of gay fiction features book reviews, sales news, and interesting tidbits Dale finds while researching stories. Website dalecameronlowry. Website betablog. Facebook fans 40, About Blog Older and younger gay married couple, who shares their stories and experiences, thoughts, happy stuff, almost everything about their gay life.

    Literally, a gay lifestyle blog. Website geromeblogs. We are America's largest circulation printed edition newspaper, serving millions worldwide online. Frequency about 3 posts per week. Website gaycitynews. Twitter followers 14, Website gaybook. Twitter followers 9. Website qxmagazine. Twitter followers 21, Magazine was launched in June with a fresh voice in gay NYC media.

    Get Out! Website getoutmag. Written by bears, for bears! Website bearworldmagazine. London About Blog The definitive, yet disaster-laden, gay dating blog. I talked to men online and arranged dates with them. It was the name I gave to the blog when I was dating. I lined up the guys, then I dated them.

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    6. Website theguyliner. Twitter followers 22, West Hollywood, CA About Blog The Authentic Gay provides our readers with the latest health, fitness, relationship, and style tips aimed at a gay male audience. Website theauthenticgay.

      Ten Reasons Younger Adult Gay Men Like Older Adult Gay Men | Jimbolaya

      Here you will discover the back stories of kings, titans of industry, stellar athletes, giants of the entertainment field, scientists, politicians, artists and heroes — all of them gay or bisexual men. The sexual orientation of those featured here did not stand in the way of their achievements. Since Jul Website gayinfluence. India About Blog A space where the Desi-Gay community comes together and shares personal stories, their triumphs and failures, their struggles and their dreams, their hopes and despair.

      And in doing so, gives other gaysis a sliver of hope. Follow this site to get all information and stories on gay community. Since Nov Website gaysifamily. Frequency about 21 posts per week. Website joyfullyjay. USA About Blog This fantastic online magazine has a wealth of information about every aspect of your same sex wedding, from planning to execution and details of real life weddings for inspiration. They also have plenty of articles with useful tips to help make sure everything goes smoothly Frequency about 5 posts per week. Website equallywed. I started the blog in April as a way to raise a number of gay issues I was thinking about, and not necessarily seeing reflected back to me in the gay press.

      Website littlegayblog. London About Blog Boyz is a free, London-based magazine, targeted at gay men and distributed mainly through gay bars, pubs, clubs and saunas in the United Kingdom. Published weekly, it tends to focus on news about the gay scene and celebrities generally pop artists popular with young scene-going gay men. Frequency about 7 posts per week.